May 22, 2017

The Balcony - From Bland To Cozy

It was your typical screened in porch and plain balcony when I bought it.  When I am finished it will be an outdoor entertainment hub!  I started by installing composite decking tiles to cover the old floor boards. Then installed new screens, light fixtures, re-caulked and fresh paint (aqua & gray palette). Now for the comfy aspect - custom built deep seating bench at one end, a set of super comfortable chairs with a built in table in the middle, and finally the screened in porch was completely refurnished. The porch now had seating for six with a table. I added some garden stools, a ceiling fan and an outdoor carpet to bring it all together. My coastal theme is definitely felt in this area.

One thing I did not get to do was replace the railing. It is a solid one piece railing made out of wood with no design. I would have loved to remove it and install some X styled railing to match the outside,  but money and time would not permit. Perhaps next Spring! Either way I love the balcony and can not wait to sit back with a bottle of wine and enjoy the lake breeze!