May 20, 2017

Lake Haus - Exterior Renovation

Backyard Renovation

I was given a blank slate and had so many ideas . . . . where was all this money coming from???

Well I figured I would start with the landscaping - remove some trees, open the view, cut back the forest, revive the stream, clean up the beach and hope I hit the lottery. Then i wanted to build a large deck at the house and a smaller one towards the waterfront. I also needed a fire pit or two, a stone walkway, a beach house, excavate the stream and add a liner, a tree house, and an outdoor shower. Oh yes I can't forget about building a new boat dock since the existing one collapsed. It is currently October, time was not on my side but I had to figure it out because after winter comes spring- I need to be rent ready Spring 2017. So, one step at a time and this is how it played out.

So months later and still not 100% complete . . . . we have the evolution of the backyard.  Which includes:
  • New rock stream
  • New bridge
  • New waterfront deck
  • New summer house
  • New tree house
  • New 1000 square foot deck with fire pit
  • Still to come the boat dock, walkway, outdoor shower.
  • Oh the memories to be made and the fun to be had!