October 1, 2016

Blowing the kitchen out

The kitchen renovation at the Sand Dollar Lake Haus did not go as planned.  Even though everything in the kitchen was brand new, it did not fit with my decor.  I needed white cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. I had light oak cabinets, black appliances and Formica counters. What I wanted and what my budget would allow was not matching up, so I had to be creative.  I also wanted to blow out the walls and open the kitchen to the dinning room, add a breakfast counter and a eat-in counter.

My game plan was this - blow out the kitchen, build custom counters with matching Formica counter tops, reface the cabinets in white and get stainless steel appliances during some holiday sale. I then decided to add a back splash, new fixtures, new cabinet knobs and a new faucet. I had a game plan and adjusted to having no granite (for now).

Below you will see pictures of the making of the upgraded kitchen and once complete I will show the finished product.  Still trying to figure out how to reface the cabinets without paying $4500.00 (price I was quoted) and what sale I will get my appliances from (probably Black Friday)?
Like I said it is a work in progress, but once I figure out a few hiccups it will be the coastal kitchen I envisioned - minus my granite counter tops.
UPDATE 5/19/17
So, the kitchen is 95% complete. Once I install the rest of the appliances - it is a done deal.  I have achieved my coastal look - do you agree?