September 29, 2016

Bathroom Renovation times three!

The original powder room

The Powder Room

The first part of the plan was to renovate the bathrooms by installing new flooring, new vanities, painting, accessories, shower doors, mirrors and lighting. The only thing not getting removed were the toilets. Let us begin with the powder room - pull up existing ceramic floors, remove 18" vanity, mirror and lights. Then install slate tile flooring, new vanity, mirror, lighting, accessories and a paint job. Thankfully the floor was leveled and this part of the reno had little to no incidents.

I went with a blue-gray theme with Aqua accents. Gray tile floor, gray vanity, aqua light fixture, blueish/gray wall paint and will add aqua towels and wall art to complete the look. The look is not 100% complete but you can gather where I'm going with it.

Original Master Bath

The Master Bathroom

The master bath is actually a Jack-n-Jill bathroom shared with the guest bedroom.  So my plan was to install new flooring, new double sink vanities, dual mirrors and barn house lighting. I also wanted to take out the plastic tub surround and install a slate tile wall with an alcove. Then I wanted to install a frame-less half shower door made of glass. Being this was the master bathroom I wanted to reflect a calm color palette by using colors that represent sand and sea.  I feel as though it is still missing something and in my eyes is incomplete.

Needless to say I kept the original flooring.  Keep in mind everything in the house is brand new, never used, stickers still on them. I also kept the tan colored wall which keeps my sand color theme going, but everything else had to go. The frame-less door was a challenge to install, but I love it. Still searching for something to go over the toilet . . . maybe some floating shelves?

Then there are the vanities. I love the coastal look but wish they were taller. I was also limited to 48" of space, making it difficult to get a nice sized dual counter. I'm happy with what I came up with, I just need it to come together.

I am pleased with the tub surround wall and alcove. I just have to get a rain fall shower head to control water spray. I am not done with this room, still have to finish the decor, but it has come a long way!

The Original Guest Bathroom

The Guest Bathroom

This bathroom has turned out to be my favorite. . . surprisingly. The plan was to install new flooring, new tile shower surround, new vanity, fixtures, paint, shower door and more. It is a small space, so I had to be smart about the design.

I started by removing everything down to the studs. Then I installed the same slate tile flooring as in the powder room. Then came figuring out how to install a shower base that would fit this custom build. What a headache - it took at least a week of trying different things. We finally got it and installed an alcove and frame-less shower door.

Finally I was able to use the Martha Stewart Vanity, gray mirror with wood trim, farmhouse light and aqua colored walls.  Then I decided to add some built in's - shelving and toilet tissue areas. I love it.

Everyone thought I was crazy, but they just could not see the vision. I have not even added my accessories yet, so imagine the finished look. I might use this more than the master - LOL.

So all in all I am pleased with the progress and will post pictures of the final bathrooms when they are complete. Let me know your thoughts on my coastal decor, I welcome all feedback.

Update 5/17/17

So this is where we are.  It has come a long way and is ready for cleaning and decorating!