September 28, 2016

The Lake Haus Renovation

After purchasing a lake haus in May 2016, I have decided to renovate and put my personal touch on it. As all renovations go, it has become a full blown rehab with an exploded budget. I keep telling myself when it is complete I will reap the benefits. . . .  but gesh I am starting to question myself.

So four months in and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel - for the interior rehab at least.  My plan was to gut and remodel all bathrooms, install new flooring throughout, install kitchenette, laundry/mud/office room, open up kitchen, install breakfast nook and counter, build custom bunk beds, resurface kitchen cabinets and install an owners closet.  Well four months later I have done that and much more.

And yet I have no time to enjoy the interior as the exterior still has to get done. Did I mention it's October and winter is fast approaching.  I still have to build two decks, two fire pits, a stream with bridge, a tree house, clubhouse, exterior house painting, outdoor shower, boat dock and a walkway. Let us not forget about the landscaping and excavation that has to be done.  All seems unlikely - but that has never stopped me before!

Oh and did I mention the cosmetic and decorative things still needing to be done. . . . furniture, appliances, fixtures - the list goes on. If I didn't know myself I would call me crazy but I'm not so as I go through the rehab I will do a room by room breakdown of before and after with pictures. Something this insane needs to be documented and will provide months of blogging material.

So please join me on the Lake Haus renovation as I prepare to have this house rent ready by Spring 2017...... wish me luck!!