May 7, 2016

Disaster On The Lake - it all comes down

Owning a Lake House is wonderful but that joy comes with headaches. Most lake houses have boat docks - some very elaborate and expensive. The Sand Dollar Lake House had a nice double slip dock with sundeck. Until freezing ice and a windstorm took it out.

Freezing Ice

First lake ice knocked out the footing to the dock.  Causing one side of the pier to fall into the water.  This was so disappointing since we had installed fans into the lake in order to keep the water circulating.  These fans were made to prevent incidents like this - what a waste .

We tried to secure as best we could, but keep in mind its winter, its cold, and the water is frozen. It held up for two weeks.

The Wind Storm

So then, we had a really bad wind storm combined with the still frozen water and next thing you know . . .. . BOOM the whole dock collapses into the frozen lake. Unfortunately my dock was not the only one to meet its demise. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost on Lake George that day. The only people happy about it are the dock contractors - booked now for the whole summer!

Lake Lesson #1 : Do not spend a great deal of money on your dock. Boat docks are not insured, so every winter you run the risk of losing thousands of dollars. Bet you my next dock will not be two levels nor overly fancy.  I will build a deck on the edge of the shoreline overlooking the water. Secured in the ground with a single slip going into the lake. So to my future guest, you will enjoy a brand new dock with all the bells and whistles, secured to the land and not under water. Enjoy....